Our Approach

Our philosophy is based on partnership. We see our role as thatĀ of strategic partner, providing counsel and resources that allow leaders to set policy and lead effectively. We activate the strategic plan, and operationalize the initiatives that drive your organization to its highest performance in service of our shared mission. Our success is defined by your success.

Our Story

The Lutine Management team believes not only in our work, but in the work to which our client partners are committed. We are strategically selective in the clients we serve in order to be consistently working toward a mission in which we believe, and working with partners whose passion we share. We want our partners to share our passion as well, so we strive to help them become the best leaders they can be. Not only do we work in service of our clients, but we also work to help create the next generation of association -- and community -- leaders.

Next Steps...

If you believe that your association would benefit from our vision and drive to excellence, please feel free to click below and submit an RFP or ask us a question. We are eager to engage in dialogue that will advance your mission and vision.